Workforce Development

February 2024 Trends in Manufacturing Employment

"Following the supply chain disruptions of 2020 and 2021, no subject seemed to achieve such universal agreement as the importance of domestic manufacturing. Since then, states and the federal ..."

May 2023 The Importance of Upskilling Before Downturns

"With constant prognostications about a potential economic recession in 2023, it’s hard to blame workers feeling uneasy about their job security. While the reality of an impending recession is ..."

April 2022 Addressing New Jersey’s Aging Workforce

"Aging baby boomers, increased life expectancy, and falling birth rates are driving up the average age of the nation’s population, and in turn, its workforce. By 2060, the US Bureau of ..."

November 2020 The Future of Work in NJ: Industry Series Study

"To better understand the changing dynamics, opportunities, challenges, and emerging skill sets among New Jersey's businesses, Focus NJ and NJBIA embarked on a state-wide industry series study.  The ..."