Economic Trends

October 2019 Inconsistent Venture Capital Investment in NJ

"New Jersey is trying to position itself as an ideal location to retain and attract businesses that spur invention and innovation. The increased Angel Investor Tax credit recently signed into law, ..."

September 2019 Slow Growth in GDP Cause for Concern

"A seemingly unending national economic expansion and record low unemployment doesn’t seem to be giving New Jersey the same boost as surrounding states. The state’s economy appears strong now, but ..."

March 2019 New Jersey’s Looming Fiscal Crisis

"New Jersey already has the highest taxes and the worst business climate in the nation, and there is little reason to think it’s going to get better any time soon. The state’s finances are in ..."

February 2019 Venture Capital Investment

"Today, venture capital plays an enormous role in creating and expanding innovative concepts from startups to commercialization. According to the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), New ..."

February 2019 New Jersey’s Financial Crisis

"Pension Liability & Postemployment Benefit Obligation DEFICIT For 15 years, New Jersey revenues have fallen short, only covering 91.3% of total expenses. As a result, the Garden State has the ..."

February 2019 Keys to New Jersey’s Economy

"Two primary factors motivate the migration decisions of people age 18-34: where to continue their postsecondary education and where to begin their careers. As various NJBIA studies have noted, New ..."

October 2018 Recovering Our Manufacturing Output

"Despite experiencing a dip in overall economic output since the Great Recession, New Jersey’s manufacturing industry continues to be a dynamic contributor to the state’s economy, driving exports ..."

August 2018 Tax Increases Impact Competitiveness

"This year’s budget was solely about which taxes to raise. NJBIA opposed all the tax increases, and while they were scaled back from the original proposals, the increases are going to have a big ..."