Economic Trends

April 2020 Economic Impact of COVID-19

"The nation is in uncharted territory from the stresses that the novel coronavirus has placed on healthcare providers and the economy. While the health and welfare of the American people is and should ..."

January 2020 Tech Can Boost Productivity in Construction

"The construction industry is essential to expanding economies.  It is, however, slow to change especially when it comes to using technology and artificial intelligence. As a result, the industry ..."

October 2019 Inconsistent Venture Capital Investment in NJ

"New Jersey is trying to position itself as an ideal location to retain and attract businesses that spur invention and innovation. The increased Angel Investor Tax credit recently signed into law, ..."

September 2019 Slow Growth in GDP Cause for Concern

"A seemingly unending national economic expansion and record low unemployment doesn’t seem to be giving New Jersey the same boost as surrounding states. The state’s economy appears strong now, but ..."

March 2019 New Jersey’s Looming Fiscal Crisis

"New Jersey already has the highest taxes and the worst business climate in the nation, and there is little reason to think it’s going to get better any time soon. The state’s finances are in ..."